Dennis & Did. is a conceptual and mood-based creative collective. We specialise in visual strategies and their expressions, always starting from strong holistic concepts and stories, often resulting in distinctive scenographies.

We work within the lifestyle, interior, fashion and culture industry, from A to Z. Our products and services include:

  • Art direction / Creative direction
  • Core concepts
  • Visual Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Production
  • Scenography
  • Editorial Photoshoots
  • Colour Palettes

Dennis & Did. is founded by Maya Mees, Nel Verbeke and Alexander Popelier. We function as an accordion collective, stretching out to include other specialists in their field if a commission requires it.

Maya Mees - about

Maya Mees is art director and specialises in concepts, styling and production. She has a keen eye for marketing, social media and brand strategies. Maya has studied Fashion & Branding at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, where she specialised in brand identity, photo and film. Her experience in fashion helps her to apply a creative vision to a wide range of visual expressions.

Nel Verbeke - about

Nel Verbeke is art director and works on concepts, scenography & set design. She is the brain and hands behind our custom crafted artistic sets. Nel is a concept designer with a background in visual arts and design research. She balances between the disciplines of visual arts and design, and likes to work with the emotional potential of objects and spaces. Nel is a member of design collective BRUT and also runs her own practice.

Alexander Popelier - about

Fashion, portrait and artistic
photographer Alexander Popelier has an ever-present eye for light and pose. He works for several publications such as Sabato Magazine, Knack Focus, Absoluut, Knack Weekend, DM Magazine, Glamcult, Mixmag, ...  
He has a feel  for the conceptual, and translates ideas into the right image, yet always with a recognisable signature.

Other specialists

For graphic design we collaborate with Atelier Aelterman. 

Creative copywriting by
Jonas Lescrauwaet.

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